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History :....It's 1975 or 6. Doesn't really matter that much....... ...... ...... ....The mirror ball was about to grind slowly but surely to a halt, choked by years of dust and tobacco smoke swirling up from the numerous dance floors in numerous civic and town halls scattered across this not altogether green and pleasant land. It would be another three years before Thatcher would come to power and the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire begin to come under attack from the Conservatives  ending in the closure of virtually all the coal mines and steel works. ........ ....Glam rock was about to be swept aside by a new generation of disillusioned young musicians through a new raw sound called Punk Rock, which in all fairness was not new at all, just basic music played by barely gifted people at such a volume that their amplifiers merely distorted the sound that poured forth from bashed, dented and torn speakers. Ah, the wisdom of the ignorant. Synthesizers and stadium gigs were soon to be a temporary thing of the past, temporary because the cream will always come to the top eventually......... ....So hopes dashed, dreams in tatters, that basically ..was.. that..........  until five lads started meeting regularly in a Rotherham attic to spawn what was not to become the biggest thing to happen in Sheffield since the invention of Wards bitter...........Apart from some dodgy assorted tapes there really is no record of this once mighty icon of South Yorkshire Rock, until ..NOW !.......... ...... ...... .. .. .. click the ticket






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Up and coming virtual vocalist Avanna, is now signed up on an initial contract with Marquidrevived.

This new addition to the lineup is set to boost Marquid's performance as, whilst having carved out a niche for themselves musically, they have always suffered from very weak vocal lines in their work up to date.

















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