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The Albums:   In chronological order. Selected samples from album tracks may be played. These are cut down in order to prevent listener's prolonged exposure to such amateur performances. Use back button in browser to return to this page. All reviews are by well respected Fantasy Music Mag. critic and enthusiast, Ivan o'pinion.

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Firkin and fret sessions 2005


Are you talking to me

Dear Prudence ( Beatles cover)

We'll feel better

Knocking on heavens door ( Dylan cover)

N.I.B. ( Black Sabbath cover )

Bonus track - practice riffs etc.


The first Marquidrevived album was released after very little practise as can be heard in the performance. It consists of a couple of original tracks but holds itself together by means of several covers of popular music bands. It ends with an almost comical compilation of the band in the studio, pre take.


Music is rock 2006




I believe in a thing called love  ( Darkness cover )

Englands pleasant land

Music is rock

Satisfy my love

Seven nation army ( White stripes cover )

The telephone

Breathe ( Pink Floyd cover )



Fantasy Rock Magazine - press release Autumn 2006

Music is rock - Marquidrevived

This is the second album from this ageing, born again rock outfit. It follows their debut album 'the Firkin and fret sessions' which itself recieved mixed reviews. This album again follows a rock based theme with a few covers thrown in. There are 7 tracks including a bonus track:

I believe in a thing called love -The album opens with a rip roaring cover of this famous 'Darkness' track. Break out the spandex cat suits and big hair and grab your air guitar!

England's Pleasant land -Using a riff which was openly stolen from a song by the famous Sheffield band 'Blew', this track seems to have a message to get across. Brian Eno style harmonised vocals enhance the otherwise straining voice parts.

Music is rock -The title track draws from the simplicity of such great bands as 'AC DC' and is a classic example of what rock music is all about. Born to be wild indeed!

Satisfy my love -This is a one off departure from the usual distorted power chord riffs which we have come to expect from this reborn band. It is a mainly sample based 'synthesiser meets hip hop beat' number. However, it is brought to life by a groovy guitar part and mystery guest vocalist who can actually sing!

Seven nation army - A brave attempt at the classic 'White Stripes' anthem. If you like Jack White style guitar fuzz, wailing distortion and massive feedback then listen to the real thing. Otherwise check this version out.

The telephone - A somewhat repetitive verse and chorus in this 'nu metal meets Mr house husband' ditty. A subwoofer workout with an interesting ending. Makes you reach for your mobile.

Breathe - (bonus track) - Included at the last minute, probably before the final mixing stage, this is a tribute to the famous 'Pink Floyd' track from the 'Dark side of the moon' album. Not completely perfect or even finished it still manages to capture some of the magic of the era - or is it the mushrooms?

OVERALL WE SAY - An interesting mix of eclectic ideas somewhat hampered by weak, flat vocals, dodgy rhythm playing and repetative use of pentatonic scales makes this album just what we have come to expect from 'Marquidrevived'........... Another winner from the Somac AV studios.



Here to stay: 2007  



Just be yourself


Medley ( smashing pumpkins )

Here to stay

Lazy dog blues

Simple man ( Lynyrd Skynyrd cover )


A general improvement in playing proficiency and some fairly well constructed songs make this a better listening experience from previous attempts. A mixture of rock based tracks, an ear splitting 'Smashing Pumpkins' medley, a prog rock style experience and a couple of acoustic chord driven pop tracks including 'Eternity' which itself made the top 20 in the 2009 American Idol Underground charts for several weeks. Bring on the 'Bontempi'.


Another world: 2008



Moog boog

The man

Another world

Someone else

Ode to Jimi Hendrix

Airport dreams

I want you

Live long

Star spangled banner


Some highs and some absolute lows! The highs include a couple of pop type songs in 'Life' and 'The man', a 'Iron Maiden'-ish Celtic thrash in 'Another world' and the 'Hendrix' tribute. The lows are basically everything else. A shame but again the vocals really leave something to be desired. Also, a lack of continuous bassline leaves the sound empty and hollow.


Killer: 2009



The gig



Crosstown girl


Make me happy

The racer


Again, some good and some absolute dross. The album starts favourably with an instrumental number favouring keyboards with some semblance of a solo guitar part. The more 'rocky' tracks seem to have a more full sound than what we have been used to and a new drummer seems to have been drafted in though his style does seem to be somewhat unvaried. This is more of a solid rock based album still with the odd departure into the unknown. It also features a wider use of instruments including piano and even sax. The track 'Make me happy' is a cut down tribute to the famous 70's rock band, Budgie. The weak link is the excruciating 'Crosstown girl' which repeats the annoying Hendrix chord and very little else and 'Dictators' which is a thrash metal attempt that doesn't really come off at all. As for the vocals - it's already all been said!


Feeling the pinch: 2011


The noose

Feeling the pinch


I want your love

Mass destruction

Good hello

Call of the deity

Rising vampire

Eye of the storm

The crypt


A real departure from the norm this is a real metal core feast. From the opening sounds of the rainstorm and barking dogs one knows that a trip down the road of doom and gloom is in order. Massive chugging riffs laced with more harmonic pinches (hence the title) than from even Zakk Wylde's headstock make this a real metalhead's workout. Luckily the vocals are minimal on this one so turn it up to 11 and make your ears bleed! 


Number one: 2014


Number one

Peace and quiet

Run away

My car

It's our land


It was me

C'mon C'mon

Barren planet

I want your lovin'

This is the debut album for Avanna singing with backing band, Marquidrevived. There is quite a variety of styles involved as Avanna 'finds her feet'. She also showcases her guitar skills as both a rhythm riffer and hardcore lead soloist. The track 'Run Away' has recieved some acclaim on the Soundcloud platform.


Set me free: 2015




Set me free

A life

How long

Which way do I turn

solo break

Back on track

The dream

Never go back


For this album a new 'metal style' rhythm guitarist has been brought in as well as more experimental instruments such as the electric mandolin and 'monster synth' which have been used for many of the lead parts. Have you ever heard electric mandolin through a Marshall stack? Turn volume to 11 and enjoy. Avanna, now full of confidence after her last album debut, specialises in what she likes best - metal and thrash. The track 'Which way' has recieved some acclaim on the Soundcloud platform.


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