The bikes

Never mind the riders. The absolute stars of this production are the bikes. These images can all be enlarged for more detail. They make great pc wallpapers

Basher Billy + Victory Tourer

This is the obvious choice for Bill. 1800cc of V twin power, full touring pack including hard bags, handlebar fairing with built in bluetooth and stereo mp3, back box with backrest and contored touring seat for those long cruises.

Bill is well suited to this flashy extravaganza of a machine. He can often be seen on location cruising the local strip with stereo blasting death metal, cravat blowing in the breeze and winklepickers scraping on the tarmac. Bring it on!


Dodgy Bob + Harley Davidson V Rod

Bob selected this bike as he has always been a bit of a speed freak on the quiet. This bike brings out his wild side with it's sleek custom look and bags of power on tap. Having only recently learned how to ride a bike, Bob has taken it all in his stride and has even been spotted in the local Harley dealership eyeing up a custom Night Rod bike. He obviously has the bug now.

Gord 'the Gaffer' + Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Always a massive fan of Terminator 2, the obvious choice for Gord was the Fat Boy. Gordon always did like something throbbing between his legs and this baby does not disappoint.

Marvel at our very own 'Arnie' in action in the film when it is released.

Big E + 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan VN900 SE

Naturally, Big E is using a bike from his own stable.This is a 2011 VN. It is the SE Classic model which he has stage 1 tuned with Vance and Hines pipes, Cobra EFI kit and K and N fast flow air filter. It goes and sounds like the dog's bollocks  a dream.

Acting is not one of Iain's strong points so he let's his bike do the talking!


Iain, pre ride, checking out his Harley Heritage in Texas 2009

Iain posing with his beloved VN, 2013

Pam getting some off road action at the N.E.C. bike show

















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