The girls

The girls were asked to play the Lad's partners in the film because , basically, the lads cannot be left on their own without full time care. The daily grind of fetching Horlicks, cleaning specs, freshening dentures and emptying potties was becoming too much for the facilities company. The girls were approached for help and Cags made them an offer they couldn't refuse which involved walk on parts for the girls, an all expenses paid accommodation deal as well as care provider fee.

Soon turning into Divas, the girls now have a massive online fan base including  Faceache and Clutter. They are in constant demand by talk show hosts in both the UK and the States and have become a sensation in their own right.

Here we see a press shot from 'OK' magazine.

This was taken at the promotional party for David Beckham's T.V. documentary in which he rode a custom built Triumph motorcycle across the plains of Walthamstow or some such godforsaken place. He'd have been better off going for a cruise with our very own Wild Hogs, not that he could keep up.......

Here we see Kath, Pam and Molly messing about with some off road bikes at a recent Motocross meet. These three have revelled in taking up bike riding but unfortunately, Carol will go nowhere near a bike. She still swears by four wheels.
















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