The Lads


 The long awaited sequel to Wild Hogs is now being filmed on location in America. This time there is is new cast along with new bikes and scenery. Also, our intrepid adventurers are joined by their respective partners. The new cast have been chosen carefully based on their past experience. Above, 3 of  the lads take well deserved time out whilst filming sequences on the 'big' road.

Check out the rest of this site for cast and character details, interviews and comments from the stars as well as photos and further info on this 'sure to be' box office hit.

Having learnt to ride big Harleys, the lads were getting fed up with standing around during shooting so a sponsor has now provided them with themed paddock scooters so that they can keep their hand in as it were.


Fresh from his recent success in the 'Lock Stock' franchise where he acquired the handle of 'the Gaffer', comes Gord. In 'Hogs' he is the resident comedian whose antics keep everyone amused between takes.
Straight from a leading role in 'Sons of Anarchy' Bill has a no nonsense approach to filming whilst maintaining a suave, sophisticated air about him. However, you mess with Bill at your peril!

Just back from filming 'Cocoon 5 and still gloating after his recent securing of 2015 Ladybird clothing model contract, E is keen to start filming due his overwhelming passion for motorcycles, as well as the money!

When he is not on the film set you will find him locked away in the Somac studios deep in the heart of North West England where he indulges his other fantasy of being a rock guitar star. Check out the links page  for more of this. Earplugs at the ready!

Bob has been tempted over to the States from  far Eastern parts where, since retirement from his lucrative career as a Harrison Ford / Indiana Jones stunt double, he has been keeping a low profile running a bar called 'horse with no name'. He sees the 'Hogs' opportunity as a career booster since his appearance in the Hollywood flop 'This time next year we'll be millionaires'.


So as filming takes place over in Texas and Nevada we can give you an incite into what is going on. Unfortunately, the makers, Somac AV, have kept the story lines very secret . All we can glean is that in this film our heroes have become more experienced with their bikes and with the biker gang scene as a whole. They even begin to get some street cred. They have a run in with the lads from Orange County Choppers which ends in a deal where Paul Senior ends up building a 'Wild Hogs' tribute bike. Our heroes then bring Paul Senior and Paul Junior over to the UK to show them how we do things here.









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